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Pesticide labels various cheating methods

The Ministry of Agriculture recently announced the first half of the 10 cases of fake and shoddy agricultural resources typical case, many of whom are making an issue of the use of pesticide labeling, revised labeling content without authorization, causing serious consequences of the case. Pesticide labels are entering the market circulation of the "orders" and "identity card", is giving farmers more scientific application of pesticide safety manuals, not tolerate fraud. But some unscrupulous manufacturers are fraudulent in pesticide labels entrapping and harming farmers, to the peasants and agricultural production caused huge losses.
According to the survey, illegal use of pesticide manufacturers labels deceive consumers practices varied.
     First, that "back to life" widespread phenomenon. Especially in the last 10 emerging compound preparation, crops and the application of object unprincipled and magnification. For the case of a highly toxic pesticide toxicity, registration and control of crop targets for cotton and cotton bollworm, and the pharmaceutical labels in the scope and application of the objects are still tagging Cabbage Pieris rapae. If this label shows that the application of pesticides in fruit, vegetables and other crops, on human health can be imagined to the harm.
     Second, under the banner of "green" to change the banner of pesticide toxicity. With low toxicity pesticides, the development of biological pesticides, some unscrupulous manufacturers have is a highly toxic pesticide marked with a "moderately toxic"change a trade names. For instance, a company's "Peach invincible hand" to fight bollworm real pharmaceutical, manufacturers of the "highly toxic" to "moderate toxicity" and called "Peach invincible hand" Name: fruit trees will be used not only easy to pesticide residue from fruits, occupation is more serious to consumers health potential problems.
     Third, the adoption of "grafting" practices on pesticide products registered number and "cloning." Either use the same pesticide registratio nnumber production with different active ingredients, crop and registration of the pesticide control objects, or use the same active ingredients, with a pesticide registration number production of pesticide products with different names, totally different crops and control targets of the registration of pesticides. If manufacturers on the market a "tomato Hope," "pepper net," "Cucumber Hope," which actually were the same type of pesticide, and for the same registration number.
     Fourth, "Rafah as a guise to play" fraud. Some dealers pesticide labels to the address printed on the label striking position, and the Text great; Often dubbed "Shenzhen", "Tianjin", "Guangzhou", and other big cities or "Japan", "United States", and other countries, and a real production enterprises are printed on site very obvious places . Others have called "joint venture" in the name of some tagging "the world's advanced technologies" and other words, and still others are like hieroglyphics like the English name, Chinese can not find common name.
     Fifth, a not-for-dressing change. In the case of raw materials unchanged from the new trade names has become a new pesticide. Some manufacturers also rack their brains in the name of goods made an issue of pesticides on the market emergence of the "worm net," and "grass-kwong," "again -" exaggerated pesticide name. There pesticide trade names unlike pesticides, such as "good husband", "thanks to you," and so on. Pesticide trade names, cluttered, identify pesticides to farmers has brought distress.
     In response, people in the industry believe that China's current "Pesticide Management Ordinance" Although the pesticide registration and management more stringent, but have relaxed their pesticide label management, a lack of the necessary system bound to the illegal manufacturing of fake and shoddy products enterprises has brought an opportunity entrapping and harming farmers. Governance pesticide labels from the source to start with, and improve laws and regulations, increase penalties intensity of the crackdown, a pesticide can also "true colors" can we truly purification pesticide market, to the peasants and agricultural production to create a reassuring environment medication.