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About Us

Location----We are in Nanjing, where most of Chinese agrochemical manufacturers are located in. Nanjing is 270km west to Shanghai.-----This allows us a convenient facility of sourcing, organizing and delivering products.
People----We are a group of young people full of experience and enthusiasum. Some of us  have been in this field for over 12years.  One colleague comes to work at 6:00 am everyday for more than 2years in order to discuss about business with his foreign customer who has a different time with us.-----This allows us to offer professional and efficient service.
Registration----We have a special person majored in plant protection to work on  registrations. And so far we’ve helped toregister over 30 products in different markets.-----This allows us to enlarge our product range continuously.
We believe that one of the most important basis of doing business is to find a right partner. Most of our clients have been cooperating with us for over 10years. We believe that Nanjing Source Chemical Co., Ltd. is your right choice.