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Fire ant ascendancy with Fipronil Top Choice

Top Choice is a anarchy in fire ant ascendancy“ one appliance around eliminates blaze all-overs for one year. Guaranteed. Plus it save you time and cuts activity costs.


Top Choice blaze ant ascendancy contains 0.0143% fipronil, the everyman dose, non-bait insecticide accessible for blaze ants. Fipronil is aswell acclimated in accepted flea and beat products, giving homepowners, pet owners and parents accord of apperception that it won't be alarming in their yards.


The Lethal activity of top choice for blaze ant control. Top choice acts at the GABA receptors of insects, about blocking their adeptness to about-face off assumption impulses, causing astringent disruption of the insect's afraid system. TopChoice binds added acutely to insect receptors than to bearcat ones (about 100 times more), so it is added selectively baneful to insects than to vertebrates or mammals.



The alive additive in top choice Insecticide bidnds acutely to the soil, accouterment blaze ant countrol for one year. TopChoice aswell controls birthmark crickets for four months, nuisance all-overs for three months, and felas and ticks for one month.


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